Tuesday, 24 September 2013

9/24/13 Testing Results

The overlords have decided: Sword of Fire and Ice is not too powerful, since it has to connect with a player to be effective... and Umezawa's Jitte is too good, testing on banning jitte is in the final stages- it's unclear as to the outcome, but it's looking like Jitte will be banned in the forthcoming weeks.

This week's featured decks were:

Sygg, River cutthroat- the doomsday//laboratory maniac combo deck.

Sygg, River cutthroat- merfolk utility deck.

Thalia, Guardian of Thraben- white weenie aggro.

Varolz, the Scar Striped- infect facepunch

Doran, the Siege Tower- utility goodstuff

Geist of Saint Traft- aggro-control

Vorel of the Hull Clade- Utility counters

Ertai, Wizard Adept- Arcane Laboratory lockout

Geist vs Thalia: Thalia's 1 cost to non-creature spells spelled Geist's impending doom game one, but by the end of the game, Geist was very close to stabilizing.  Game 2 played out with Geist taking a beating early game, then Fiend Hunter came down alongside a Detention Sphere to help control the board, Geist got flying and +2/+2 from Spectral Flight and was able to close out the game.  Game 3 started with thallia eating a swords to plowshares turn 2, then Geist landing- the first attack was a set up for lethal, with the angel's sacrifice trigger getting stifled and the Geist player having 2 5/5 fliers from honor of the pure.

Sygg vs Varloz: Varloz kept up the pressure with board wipes and spot removal, while Sygg kept Varloz' creatures off the board... the game ended when sygg was unable to kill Varloz' assault of infect creatures, and took lethal poison in one mighty swing.

Geist vs Doran: (Sword of Fire and Ice vs Jitte test)- Both sides landed a turn 2 stoneforge mystic, Doran getting SoFI; Geist getting Jitte.  Pernicious deed came down turn 3 for Doran and was quickly snapped up by an oblivion ring, Doran landed next, with Geist's mystic eating a swords to plowshares.  Geist came down next, then Doran played out an ajani and hit for 10.  Geist responded with a glorious anthem and playing jitte, swinging back for 10.  Doran grabbed a SoFI and swung for 8- drawing a card and bringing the total up to 10 with the SoFI direct damage. With the clock coming up fast, Geist got  equipped with jitte and slammed in for 10, putting the life totals at 10 and 11.  Geist slammed a Fiend hunter and exiled Doran- Doran scoops.  Verdict after game 1: none, neither sword served much purpose.  Game 2: Neither deck drew sword or jitte; Geist pulled the game out with a strionic resonator making extra angels.  Game 3 was a beating with jitte, Doran drew SoFI, but it did absolutely nothing when he had no creatures out to equip anything to.

Geist vs Sygg Combo: Game one: Sygg fizzled, forgot to put a land in the doomsday pile, scooped.  Game 2: Geist laid the beats early, while Sygg durdled until it attempted to combo of again- this time succeeding and lab maniac winning the game.  Game 3 saw both decks miss land drops and move slowly until geist hit in with a Sword of War and peace equipped- two quick hits killed Sygg.

Vorel vs Sygg Combo: Game one: Vorel ramped until sygg attempted to go off, in response to casting Lab maniac, vorel blue sun's zenith-ed Sygg for 6, one more than the doomsday left him with.  Game two saw Sygg fizzle again, unable to play lab maniac, the phrase "doomsday works 50% of the time, every time" is coined.  Game 3 (for fun): Sygg plays turn 1 dark ritual into doomsday, setting up the turn 2 win.  Turn 2, vorel scooped because the combo was happening regardless of what he would do.

Cards tested today: Sword of Fire and Ice, Umezawa's Jitte, Mental Misstep, Trade Secrets, and Flash.

Special thanks to Benjammn for the Valroz deck framework; look for him to be writing primers for the blog, here in the near future.

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